Lessons on affordable health care


Pax Christi member Jim Bailey’s letter to the editor was published in the Review-Times on Nov. 14.  His analysis of the healthcare issue is outstanding.  Keep this letter for reference as the new administration attempts to “reform” the system.  Thanks, Jim!

November 10, 2016

Review Times

To the Editor,

The Affordable Care Act (aka,”Obamacare”) received much undeserved negative attention in the recent presidential campaign.  While “Obamacare” is imperfect, it is a significant improvement on what America had before.  This is true because of the millions of people who have gained health care coverage  and because there are less excuses for insurance companies to deny coverage.  For example a pre-existing condition can no longer be used as a reason to deny coverage.

Despite these improvements there are still significant life threatening deficiencies in our health care system.

Every other rich country has made the moral decision to guarantee health care to every person. We ,in effect, have made the immoral decision not to guarantee health care to  every person.

Beside guaranteeing universal coverage the other factor that distinguishes the health care systems of all other rich countries from that of America is that their health insurance is not for profit.  America stands alone among developed countries by  financing health care primarily through profit seeking health insurance companies.  Other rich  countries do not spend their health care insurance dollars on advertising,  profits for stock holders or paying people to deny coverage.  Instead, their health insurance focuses on providing health care to all their people.

In America we get less health care for more money.  The World Health Organization ranks the U.S.  system 37th in general effectiveness.  Some outcomes measured are life expectancy, infant mortality, survivability from potentially fatal diseases and affordability.  Canada (the government is the insurer, providers are mostly private, it is like our Medicare system) ranks 30th.  The United Kingdom (socialism, government owns and controls, like our Veteran’s system) ranks 18th.  France (insurance is non-profit, providers are private entities, government regulated) is number #1.  Japan’s system (#10) is similar to that of France.

Our health care system is by far the most expensive in the world.  Our cost per capita  is about $8,200.  The average for most other developed countries is only about $3,300!  In terms of percentage of GDP, the U.S. spends 17.1% for health care.  France is second at 11.6%.

The facts are clear.

America should have the wisdom to learn from the experience of other countries.   President Eisenhower borrowed our highway system from Germany.  Why not have the good sense to borrow from the health care systems of countries such as France and Japan?  Their systems are not socialistic.  Health care providers are mostly private but the privately owned insurance pools are not for profit.  Compared to the U.S., they provide more for less.

“Obamacare” took some important steps in the right direction but most of us still get “less for more” and some get no health care at all. Americans continue to die because they can’t afford  health care.  This  situation is  morally wrong.  We could and should do better.

Now, as “Obamacare” is being reconsidered, is the time to for our country to take a momentous step forward by guaranteeing health care to every American!!!


Jim Bailey

199 Rock Street, Fostoria

In troubled times we find our way in community

Our peace friends in Fremont posted this report from their meeting this week. You might like to view the actions they are considering in the wake of Trump’s election.

People for Peace & Justice Sandusky County

At last night’s PPJ meeting, we began talking about the Trump era and how we respond collectively, that is, from community.  We began with a go-round in which everyone shared what was foremost in their minds and hearts as they confront the specter of the Trump presidency.  As we finished going around the circle, Dave Pasch urged us on to action, insisting we cannot accomplish anything as lone individuals looking at our television screens.  Instead we need to work together with others, and this group is our place to start.

With that segue, we were ready to brainstorm ideas for mobilizing.  Here is our (tentative and partial) list for future consideration:

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4th. day of Seneca County Fair

More news from the peace booth we’re sharing with Project Peace.

Project Peace

Wow!  I can hardly believe the crowds of children and adults who come to our peace booths this year.  On this day we had 232 children and adults combined. For the 4 days we’ve had 704 visitors so far. All this visiting surely takes a lot of energy!  Hail and hardy we must be!  And though the tattoos are running out, the headbands and “Pops for Peace” are going strong.

One of the general lovely things I’ve noticed again this year is how encouraging most of the families are toward their children when they linger at our booths.  I want to think that

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA it’s the HOPE our booths on peacemaking inspire within the adults.  A couple from Knoxville, Tennessee underlined with their knowledge and their support all our efforts toward eventually eliminating WAR.  

I am so thankful for all the support received.

Much peace to each of you.  sr. Paulette

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My Second Day at the Seneca County Fair

We’re co-hosting the Project Peace booth at the fair this week. Here’s a great story from one of the volunteers!

Project Peace

Yvonne is a volunteer at our Pax Christi and Project Peace almost every day this fair week. She shares this story:

Upon inviting a grandmother and her 17 yr. old granddaughter to explore the Peace Booth, I found a captivating story unfold.

Grandmother, “Carolyn Faith,” had been the Host Family to 17 yr. old “Robie’s” father, some 20 years ago from the Netherlands.  He was not only incorporated into the “Faith” family for that school but became a son of their heart for life.  Soon after, they traveled to the Netherlands to attend his wedding.  When Robie was born, Carolyn became their granddaughter.  History repeats itself.  Robie  visited the family with her parents at age 8 and became their exchange student in high school, immersing herself into a new culture and language.

As we three spoke of the importance of pursuing peace through love and respect, honoring the differences in…

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Update from Project Peace’s Intern

Pax Christi will be helping Project Peace with their booth at the Seneca County Fair at the end of July. We’re excited to welcome the efforts of Project Peace’s new intern!

Project Peace

635818446043317487-1207666941_Malala-Quote-10.10-Twitter.pngGood afternoon, everyone.

My name is Scott Williams, and I am currently working as an intern for Sister Paulette and Project Peace.  The majority of my duties here involve social media and creative assignments, but today, I wanted to share with you one of Project Peace’s bigger projects that I have been tackling lately.

Each year, Project Peace holds a booth at the Seneca County Fair, side-by-side with the Pax Christi group, another peaceful advocate here at the Sisters of St. Francis.

This year, the booth is centering around “Steps to Peace.”  My main task for the booth was to come up with an archetypal figure of peace and then create a life-sized cut-out of them.  After some deliberation, we decided on Malala Yousafzai.  For those of you who are not familiar with Malala, let me share some of her major accomplishments:

Since 2009, Malala has worked tirelessly at evening the…

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Imagine! 500 Peacemakers living in Tiffin area

We were pleased to help staff this booth! Thanks, Sr. Paulette, for all your efforts to reach the children of our community! This is the column she wrote for the Advertiser-Tribune. Enjoy!

Project Peace


It seems almost impossible, but it’s true! The Seneca County Fair with all its amazing preparations and hype to lure people to “come and see”—is all in the past now. What loud applause we need to extend to the many workers and planners of this well -organized week!

Project Peace and Pax Christi set up booths to share with all passers-by the efforts each organization makes to promote a culture of peace here and beyond. Children were excited when they saw the huge mysterious spider web covering the back wall of our booths. They looked with curious eyes and then wrote their own message, telling other visitors how they want to be a part of this “web” of peace. They got it! Every act of peacemaking spreads to others outside our circle. They received their peace tattoo and left with the admonition to believe in themselves, believe…

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Join Us to say NO to all Nuclear Weapons

Pax Christi members: You are invited to join this vigil. Then stay on for pizza and our meeting afterwards!

Project Peace

Actions will be happening around the world to commemorate the past; and to change the future!    Join us on this historic 70th anniversary of the first use of an atomic weapon in war. Make your voice count for the abolition of all nuclear weapons throughout the world.  Not only does this apply to Iran  but to the United States which has the most nuclear weapons, then to Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan, China, etc….all nations with plenty of warheads to destroy the world many times over.
Please join us at the Courthouse Square corner, Tiffin, OH at 4:30- 5:00, Thursday, Aug. 6.
nuclear blast

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Our Fair Booth at the Seneca County Fair, Tiffin, is doing its thing!

Tiffin Area Pax Christi is cosponsoring this booth with Project peace. Come on out to the Seneca County Fair this week and see us!

Project Peace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s working—people putting notes onto the web of peace–showing how we all can help make a difference by raising our voices and doing actions on behalf of peacemaking.  Stop by our booth in the Old Merchants Building and add your voice to the collective voice of many.  Much peace to each of you.  sr. Paulette

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Come see us at the Seneca County Fair!

bookmark artTiffin Area Pax Christi is sharing a double booth with Project Peace at the Seneca County Fair, July 27-Aug. 2.  Stop by and see us at the Merchant Building.  We’ll have free peace sign “tattoos” for the kids.  Sign up for a drawing for a beautiful tapestry.  Take a selfie with a life-sized Gandhi.  And join our web of peace!  Sign a card telling us what you do or will do to build a more peaceful home, community, or world.  We’re looking forward to learning about all the ways people make peace right here in Tiffin!

This painting by our member Jean Cossey will be incorporated into a bookmark we’ll be passing out.

See you at the fair!